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Unilink Group is a private IT company based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, specializing in tailor made software development, IT infrastruction optimization as well as consultation, and integration of various technological solutions.

Since 1997 we are successfully providing outsourcing services in a wide range of testing,support and software fields while understanding the customer's needs allowing us to provide flexible and convenient solutions for our client needs.

Why Us

why us

Unilink's uniqueness is reflected in the technological understanding of customer needs for each position/project.
We believe in One-on-One meeting with the customer and with the professional manager just for understanding all his limitations and constraints in order to provide him the most suitable solution.
Unilink takes care that its employees and its experts Unit will always be at the front of the new technology and features just to become in the highest technological standards.
Our moto is to expose our employees for the entire range of the new technologies.
In order to provide professional service, Unilink must keep-on-eyes open by watching out on in new possibilities of cooperation with companies, organizations or specific experts on unique fields, in order to strengthen our ability to provide, respond and to bring advanced solution.
The combination between customer needs to the right employee / expert which will lead and will take part in the work for the customer, will be done by our recruiting department in carefully and under an emphasis on the expert's professional abilities, and his personality, in order to create a long-term relationships.
Unilink specializes with provide technology services and consulting through our experts and with an experienced workers.
In addition, Unilink has a lot of added value in all open systems, Linux, Unix and others open source includes establish fully managed service.
Gavin Cohen

At Unilink we are committed to integrity and fairness. We respect and take care of the personal and professional needs of each and every staff member and their family. That is what makes us an employer of choice, attracting outstanding people and allowing us to build a Leading Team.

Gavin Cohen, Founder & CEO
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