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The $100K Combating Terrorism Technology Startup Challenge

The $100K Combating Terrorism Technology Startup Challenge

Tel Aviv University, Recanati, Leon Hall Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv The MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel and the US Department of Defense Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO/TSWG), are pleased to announce the 2015 $100K Combating Terrorism Technology Startup Challenge: *First prize of $100,000 to the most promising security startup *Others prizes include VC Mentorship and introductions to Government and Industry sponsors and programs *Finals and award ceremony January 21, 2015 (in Tel Aviv) *Online entry portal will be open between October 8 and November 14, 2014 The purpose of the challenge is to identify promising new security technologies and to encourage entrepreneurs and inventors to focus their innovative talents on the critical need for counter-terrorism and homeland defense technologies.
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