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At Unilink we have the multi-disciplinary professional expertise to understand our customer's HR profiles on a professional, technical and personal level; allowing us to match the most suitable candidate to each position.

On a professional level, we have a database of over 100,000 known and tested candidates in a wide range of fields, with varied backgrounds and professional capabilities. We've spent 20 years putting this database together, but if your perfect placement isn't in there, we'll seek them out and make sure to bring them on board.

On a technical level, we have accumulated a quarter-of-a-century worth of technical knowledge. This enables us to understand the technical knowledge required for a particular task, and test candidates accordingly.

On an HR level, our expert team has acquired excellent interview skills and the ability to create a precise personal and professional profile. Through vast experience and hundreds of successful, long-term placements, we have become acutely aware of employees specific needs, knowing how to address them and creating the right work environment. It is these elements that give employees personal and professional satisfaction and encourage trust and loyalty.

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