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The company specializes in the establishment and integration of a variety of computing infrastructures and open systems,
Provides cloud solutions using advanced technologies to leading companies in the economy.
Cloud solutions tailored to customer needs:

The services we provide include:
End-to-end accompaniment, consulting, planning, execution - including the establishment of the infrastructure and ongoing management.
Perform the entire integration and transfer process to cloud technology.
The level of information is managed in file protection, encryption, threat protection and the use of advanced virtualization technologies.

Come and join the prominent trend in the computing market - converting your business to cloud computing.

The benefits of the transition are:
• flexibility.
• Comfort.
• High-level information security - prevention of threats.
• Secure data backup.
• Installing all the software on a virtual server.
• high availability.
• Growth ability in line with business growth.
• Control of the company's systems.
• Real-time data.
• Balancing workloads
• Maintaining an advanced technological level.
• Increasing organizational resources.

The protocols and technologies we use include:
RFA, DTP , NetScaler Citrix, load balancer, Sass loader

To decide what the solution is for you - please contact our consultants and they will tailor the best and most effective solution for you.

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