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Unilink's management team includes an executives with vast of experience, when every each brings a certain expertise. In working together, we can offer a wide range in technology areas most professional level.

Gavin Cohen

Gavin Cohen

Founder & CEO
With a natural curiosity and passion for the latest technologies Gavin has always kept himself up-to-date and at the forefront of technology.
With a natural approach to technology, a BSC in Software Engineering and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cape Town, Gavin began his career as a field engineer at Gould Computers in 1987. He went on to work at Encore and through UDI was also employed at IBM and Zoran Corporation. Already in his first years, Gavin was involved in developing an analog-to-digital card for the IAI Lavi project and took part in the "Avnet Cachol" project.

After almost three decades in the field, Gavin has acquired both managerial and hands-on practical experience, and is today positioned as a leading expert in the field of infrastructure and software development.

Gavin founded Unilink in 1997 with the aim of providing enterprises with dot-com solutions. The company started out offering infrastructure and open source solutions based mainly on Linux and Sun. As pioneers in the dot-com field, new business opportunities quickly arose, and the company rapidly grew and expanded.

Looking into the future, Gavin continues to learn and ensure his team are continually learning and updating their knowledge, maintaining their position at the threshold of tomorrow's advancements/developments.
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Rinat Cohen

Rinat Cohen

VP Business Development
Rinat joined Unilink shortly after the company was founded as VP Business Development. In this position she manages the development of customer relationships, as well as deepening relationships with existing customers.
With an in-depth understanding of customer's challenges and requirements on the one hand, and the capabilities and opportunities Unilink can provide on the other, Rinat is able to manage the company's internal interfaces to provide customers with a precise solution for their every need. Rinat's skilled management of the company's internal interfaces, such as sales and welfare, marketing and assignment, enables not only the development of the most precise solution for each customer, but also the development of long-term relationships with both customers and employees.

Prior to joining Unilink, Rinat gained extensive experience in marketing, sales and management, through varied business ventures including marketing of exclusive real estate projects in Israel.

Rinat holds a B.A. in Business Administration from the College of Management.

Rinat is a people-person, she enjoys meeting and getting to know people, always forming new relationships and nourishing existing ones.
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Tomer Nusbaum

Tomer Nusbaum

Deputy CEO
Tomer joined Unilink as deputy CEO in 2013, bringing with him more than 17 years of diverse experience as Entrepreneur, Developer, Project Manager and Team Leader in the High tech industry.
Over the last 8 years Tomer held executive positions such as VP R&D, Member of a management team, Advisory board and business development in several companies. His achievements include: bringing companies into the enterprise market, include improving their revenues from $300K to $7.5M, supporting sales operations in the US, India, Japan, France and Germany, improving R&D capabilities and integrating new development processes.

In the last three years Tomer held the position of CEO of an Investment House for technological companies and served on the board of TechFund (an American fund).

Over the course of his career he presented initiatives to private investors, VCs, Incubators and others as well as built angel investment groups.

Tomer holds a BSC in Software Engineering from the College of Management.
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Shirly Leder

Shirly Leder

Welfare Manager
Shirly has been with Unilink since 2015 and already is the most known person in the company. Shirly welcomes new employees to the company and is in constant contact with each and every one.
Responsible for the employee’s welfare, Shirly follows up on employee integration into the organization in which they are placed (both professionally and socially) and is the go-to person for any challenges, issues or queries that may arise. Shirly is also responsible for the company's social events, holidays, birthdays and gifts, as well as employee development courses and workshops and the company newsletter.

Shirly holds a B.A. in  in Human Resource Management, from the Yezreel Valley Max Stern Academic College.

Shirly enjoys counseling and community work.
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